Best Kickstand for Road Bike in 2020

Many cyclists, who have to park their bikes often in the city, find that they need a kickstand. Although this bike accessory is not really popular among professional bike riders, it’s still in demand among many experienced cyclists. You don’t even have to go to a specialized store to buy the best kickstand for a road bike today since this simple tool is pretty wide-spread. If a kickstand is made of a light alloy, easy to install, can withstand heavy loads, and does not take up much space, it can already be considered the best. In this article, we will consider the most efficient, durable, functional, and lightweight bike parking systems, made of high-quality materials that will serve you (and your bike) for years without maintenance.

Review of the Best Kickstand for Road Bike


Greenfield Kickstand Best Kickstand for Road Bike

Greenfield Kickstand


Greenfield’s Kickstand has a fixed height and is suitable for most city and mountain bikes. This popular accessory is made of aluminum alloy, so it adds almost no weight to your bike. It’s durable with a total weight of just 9.8 ounces. The accessory features a black finish and looks great on any bike.

All the necessary parts for mounting the kickstand are included in the set (certified anti-corrosive casting, dual spring pressure plate, snap-action mechanism, non-slip clamping surface, hardened steel pivot pin, zinc-plated screw, etc.). This US-made accessory is designed to support your bike and is designed to be mounted in the middle of the bottom frame. It can withstand even the heaviest steel bikes. The overall height is 285 mm, which is standard for most bikes. Like the manufacturer states: “If it’s not a Greenfield, it’s not a kickstand.”



  • Complete set;
  • Lightweight and durable construction;
  • Available in two colors (steel/black);
  • Easy installation;
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Brand:  Greenfield
  • Model: KS2B
  • Finish: polyester powder coat black
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Height: 285 mm
  • Center mount
  • Weight: 9.8 ounces

Greenfield’s Kickstand looks simple and doesn’t draw much attention. It’s also available in two finish options – black and stainless steel, so you can choose the most appropriate option for your bike.


Q: How do I install this stand?

A: The Greenfield Kickstand already has all the parts needed for installation included in the set (except for the rubber foot, which can be ordered separately). To mount the kickstand, you will only need to mount the plate in the middle and screw the kickstand in place using the zinc plated screw. That’s it.  


BV Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand Best Kickstand for Road Bike

BV Adjustable Bicycle Kickstand


The BV kickstand is designed for bikes from 24 to 29 inches high. Its main advantage is that it’s height-adjustable, which means that you can always adjust the length of the kickstand without using any tools. The height can be adjusted using the special slider at the bottom of the kickstand. As for the installation procedure, it does not take much time at all and involves mounting in the bottom middle of the bike, near the pedals. 

Before you buy, the manufacturer recommends you to make sure there’s enough space (at least 7 cm) between the mounting plate and the pedal to install the center kickstand because it might hit the pedal. Only in this case, the pedals will not hit the kickstand, which means it’s suitable for your bike. The kit contains the right parts for mounting, so you don’t need any other parts.

Just like the previous model on our list, the BV kickstand is in a black finish. Its special shape is ideal not only for parking on asphalt but also on uneven surfaces. In addition, your foot will not slip when pushing the kickstand because there are special elements to cling to. Plus, the kickstand smoothly gets into the right position when the pressure is applied.


  • Designed for most lightweight, midweight and cruiser bikes (24″ to 29″);
  • No tools needed, easy installation;
  • Steel hexagonal bolt prevents the foot from sliding off and vandals;
  • Aluminum alloy construction;
  • Features a reinforced plastic foot with a non-slip sole to prevent slipping;
  • Available in ED black or V-Polished silver.
  • Features Long bolt (x1), short bolt (x1), metal bracket (x1), and a washer (x1).


  • Manufacturer: BV
  • Finish: ED black
  • Material: aluminum alloy / reinforced plastic
  • Height: from 14 to 16.5 inches
  • Bicycle size: 24″-29″
  • Model: BV-KA76-BK
  • Weight: 0.56 pounds

The BV bicycle stand is suitable for the most lightweight and midweight MTB and cruiser bikes. It’s lightweight and looks stylish, although it has an efficient non-slip sole and XL reinforced plastic foot. The adjustments can be performed fast and without any additional tools, the same goes for the installation. BV specializes in functional bike solutions to ensure maximum comfort for riders of different levels.


Q: Why do you need a short bolt in the kit?

A: A short bolt is required to install the kickstand on bikes that already have factory-supplied mounting plates. The short height of the bolt allows you to properly mount the kickstand without hitting other parts of your bike. A longer bolt will not work in this case.


Lumintrail Center Mount Bike Kickstand Best Kickstand for Road Bike

Lumintrail Center Mount Bike Kickstand


The 16.5″ Lumintrail kickstand is made of durable aluminum alloy and designed for use on large and lightweight bikes with mounting plates. It’s mounted in the center and secured into place using the standard bottom bracket mount that’s already included in the kit. The kickstand optimally fits bikes with a 10.5 to 12-inch clearance, as it’s maximum length is 16.5 inches. The standard height of the kickstand is 13.5 inches (when not extended) and the width is 2.5″. 

To unfold the accessory, a special button is provided. The push-button latch design allows you to quickly determine the desired length and, accordingly, the angle of the bike. All this makes parking your bike easier and more convenient. 

The kickstand also features a large reinforced plastic foot. This smart solution does not let your foot slip on wet or muddy surfaces. In addition, the plastic tip locks the bike perfectly on uneven surfaces. This aluminum kickstand is not afraid of water and corrosion. Black and Silver finish options are available. 8mm Allen Wrench needed for the mounting bracket (not included).


  • Special button for convenient kickstand height adjustment;
  • Bike parking from any angle;
  • Perfect for lightweight bikes with mounting plates;
  • Ideal parking on uneven surfaces;
  • Non-slip sole and reinforced plastic foot.


  • Manufacturer: Lumintrail;
  • Model: BS-625
  • Finish: black or silver;
  • Material: aluminum alloy and reinforced plastic;
  • Height: 13.5 inches;
  • Extended height: 16.5 inches;
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces.

The professional Lumintrail kickstand is suitable for cruiser and city bikes with lightweight and midweight frames. The accessory can withstand fair loads and has a long service life. Its design ensures proper bicycle parking in any ground conditions.


A: What is the maximum load of the kickstand?

Q: It’s a durable kickstand for cruiser and city bikes, so it can easily handle midweight and lightweight constructions. A large bicycle with 28-inch wheels is the optimal weight, although it can withstand even heavier loads.


TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand Alloy Bicycle Best Kickstand for Road Bike

TOPCABIN Bike Kickstand Alloy Bicycle


The TOPCABIN kickstand is a simple rear-mount construction with a special clamp that firmly locks the stand in place. Installation is simple, so you can quickly mount the stand to your bike. This TOPCABIN model is made of aluminum with a reinforced plastic tip. It’s a high-quality parking system that is not afraid of harsh weather conditions and corrosion.

The height of the stand is adjustable. To do this, you will need to use the Allen key, which is included (2x) in the kit. You can adjust the height immediately after mounting and secure the stand. The height is 12.2 inches and 14.2 inches when extended. This lightweight parking system will not add any noticeable weight to your bike.


  • Adjustable foot height;
  • High resistance to harsh weather conditions;
  • Suitable for most road, MTB, and BMX bikes;
  • Easy installation (rear mount).


  • Manufacturer: TOPCABIN
  • Finish: black
  • Material: aluminum alloy and reinforced plastic
  • Height: 12.2 inches
  • Max height: 14.2 inches
  • Weight: 12 ounces

This stand is suitable for bikes with wheels up to 28 inches. It’s incredibly easy to install and adjust. At the same time, the fixation mechanism of this model is the most reliable compared to other similar models. It’s a high-quality and durable kickstand for your bike.


Q: What size should be the chainstay to install this stand?

A: The included clamp allows mounting the stand on chainstays, which diameter does not exceed 3 cm. The minimum diameter of the tube is 1.2 cm.  


Upstanding Bicycle Company The Upstand Best Kickstand for Road Bike

Upstanding Bicycle Company The Upstand


The Upstanding Bicycle Company’s carbon stand is an excellent solution for lightweight bikes. This ultra-lightweight, durable, and elegant stand is height-adjustable and suitable for large lightweight and midweight bikes. The total weight of the entire unit is only 40 grams, which is a serious indicator, as other similar systems on the market weigh much more.

The main production materials of this stylish foldable side stand are carbon and 6061T6 anodized aluminum. In fact, it’s a thin bot robust black metal tube, which is very stable. Plus, it also features an axial magnet at the top tube and an EPDM rubber foot on the bottom. It’s easily mounted on the chainstay and does not require any additional clamps or bolts. Choose the Upstand if you are a professional cyclist or if you are looking for a compact and foldable but strong kickstand for your bike.


  • Ultra-lightweight, foldable, and durable construction;
  • Easy portability and installation without additional tools;
  • Features axial magnet for easy attachment/removal;
  • Features Velcro strap for convenient transportation when folded;
  • Crafted from high-quality materials;
  • Can withstand any harsh weather conditions;
  • Made in the USA.


  • Brand: Upstanding Bicycle Company
  • Finish: black
  • Material: carbon and aluminum
  • Rear mount
  • Weight: 40 grams

The Upstand is as super easy to install and does not require any initial adjustments. It’s lightweight and compact, so if you are looking for a stand that will cause you absolutely no troubles in years, it’s the best choice, given that the main material of the product is carbon.


Q: How do I install this stand?

A: The Upstand is installed on the chainstay. To install it, all you have to do is to release the rear skewer, draw it out, and hook the tab (which only weighs 15 grams) on the skewer. Then slide the release back in and tighten. After that, the kickstand is ready for use.


BV Bicycle Adjustable Center Kickstand Best Kickstand for Road Bike

BV Bicycle Adjustable Center Kickstand


This kickstand model from BV is perfect for cruisers and road bikes. The stand looks stylish but can also withstand heavy loads. This unit is 1″ shorter than the previous model of the brand on our list. It features a silver finish with a black plastic tip, which, by the way, prevents the foot from slipping and gives the bike more stability when stopping on muddy or wet terrains.

Just like with the previous BV model, the height of the stand can be adjusted without any additional tools using one button. After hitting that button, you can quickly choose the optimal height (24″-29″) and firmly secure the stand immediately. The maximum height of the unit is 13 inches, and 11 inches when folded.


  • Ultimate stability on uneven ground;
  • Easy-to-use, height-adjustable unit;
  • Push-button patented design
  • Stylish and durable construction;
  • Non-slip sole;
  • Suitable for large bikes with 24″-28″ wheels.


  • Brand: BV;
  • Model: BV-KA36-SL;
  • Finish: metallic + black;
  • Material: aluminum alloy and reinforced plastic;
  • Height: 11 inches;
  • Max. height: 13 inches;
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces;
  • Mount: center.

BV offers the lightweight and functional kickstand that will securely fix your bike outside on any surface. It has a simple and durable extendable push-button patented design and is mounted in the center of the bike’s bottom frame, evenly distributing the load.


Q: Can I use the stand with wheels less than 24 inches?

A: No. In this case, the stand will function properly. It’s designed to fit bikes with wheels from 24 to 28 inches.


Lumintrail Center Mount Bike Kickstand Double Leg Best Kickstand for Road Bike

Lumintrail Center Mount Bike Kickstand Double Leg


The Lumintrail’s dual stand is designed to securely hold your bike straight in any weather conditions without tilting it. It’s, obviously, a bit heavier than regular stands, though it’s more efficient in terms of stability. The design of this center stand allows the bike to be positioned evenly, which is very convenient for repairs. At the same time, the feet of the unit are adjustable, which allows you to have proper ground clearance, which is 11″ (min) and 13.5″ (max). The leg height and of the stand is 10″ and 9″ respectively. May not fit bikes with wider back tires.


  • Secure bike position;
  • Simple push-button design;
  • Ultra-durable and stable construction.
  • Easy installation without any additional tools;
  • Large reinforced plastic foot;
  • Perfect unit for bike repairs;
  • Non-slip sole.


  • Brand: Lumintrail
  • Model: BS-517-02
  • Finish: silver + black
  • Material: aluminum alloy and reinforced plastic
  • Height: 11 inches
  • Max height: 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 18.6 ounces

The Lumintrail center stand is made of durable aluminum alloy and has reinforced plastic tips that securely hold the bike straight on most uneven surfaces. It’s an efficient and reliable stand that will last for years and make your bike repairs or maintenance fast and easy.  


Q: How do I install the Lumintrail stand correctly?

A: This stand is mounted in the center of the bike. Before buying, make sure that the rear tire diameter is between 1.75 and 2.2 inches. The stand is secured into place using the special adapter which is included in the kit.



Q: Can you mount a kickstand on a road bike?

A: A kickstand can be mounted on any bicycle, including a road bike. You can find a center-mounted kickstand or the one that’s mounted in the rear part (chainstay) of the bike.

Q: What is the best bicycle kickstand?

A: The best bike kickstand should be durable, lightweight, and adjustable. For example, the BV parking system allows you to adjust the height and support the bike in the center to evenly distribute the load. The Lumintrail 28” double stand is also one of the best solutions on the market since it’s made of a lightweight aluminum alloy and is easily adjustable in height.

Q: Why not all bikes have built-in kickstands?

A: Professional MTB, enduro full-suspension bikes, street bikes, BMXs, or dirt bikes don’t have kickstands, as they increase the weight of the bike, albeit slightly. In addition, for hardcore riders, a kickstand is senseless. Some of them believe that a bike with a kickstand is actually less stable than a bike supported by a wall or other solid object. Now, talking about casual cruiser bikes, they always come with handy kickstands for convenient parking in the city.

Q: Should I get a kickstand for my bike?

A: Depends on your bike type, as well as how and where you ride. If you ride your bike often and have to leave it in open spaces, a kickstand will be a wise idea. In this case, you should choose the lightest and foldable stand, made of aluminum alloy, carbon, or stainless steel. It can be a model manufactured by TOPCABIN or Upstanding Bicycle Company.


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