Top Bike Saddles for Women

A bicycle is a transport that is equally popular among men and women. You can meet anyone riding an eco-friendly two-wheeled vehicle – from a student to a businessman, from a builder to a housewife. However, for a bike to be exceptionally enjoyable and useful, every little detail in it should be taken seriously. Some “trifles” can dramatically affect your health and comfort.

This article is about bike saddles. Not just any saddles, but women’s saddles, designed for anatomical and physiological features of the beautiful half of humanity.
It is the pelvis that experiences the heaviest load while riding a bicycle. Especially, a female pelvis.

It is, therefore, essential to choose a saddle that will allow pedaling, overcoming long distances without any discomfort, pain, or blisters.

Scientists at Yale University have conducted many serious studies and found that a bicycle saddle can be a threat to the sexual health of women! If previously it was believed that a wrongly chosen bike seat causes erectile dysfunction only in men, today, there is proven medical evidence about the negative consequences for women as well.

Many ladies that travel by bikes regularly or workout on stationary bikes in gyms complain of numbness and discomfort in the crotch area after their rides/training. This means that the wrong saddles have already started their “black business.” A little more time and these women will have a real reason to visit a doctor.

To make sure everything’s going to be fine, we have prepared the Top 9 list of the Best Women’s Bike Seats. We recommend that you take note as soon as possible.

Review of the Best Bike Saddles for Women

Ergon SMR3 Carbon Pro Saddles – Best bike saddle for women



The Ergon SMR3 series has been developed as a sports and lightweight mountain bike saddle, ideal for intensive all-day rides or cycling races (this racing saddle is the official equipment of the Topeak Ergon Racing Team – one of the recent most durable and successful professional mountain bike teams in the world). The SMR3 is tougher and narrower than its predecessor, the SMC3.

This time, the manufacturer has focused on improved chair geometry, lightweight, and appearance. The shape of the SMR3 has improved – we have a new generation ultra-thin Y-Flex construction shell, increased stability, and free thigh movement. The manufacturer has also taken care of eliminating the possibility of any inguinal pain during prolonged hard sport rides.

The specially designed shape and pronounced relief channel are ideal for female athletes with inguinal sensitivity. The SMR3 is equipped with carbon fiber rails (7×9), MicroFiber Superlite cover, and silicon anti-friction coating. Then it also has orthopedic AirCell padding designed especially for racing.

This saddle is available in small (185 g), medium (195 g), and large (200 g) sizes and 2 color options (white/black). If you’re racing and looking for a lightweight durable saddle with perfect firmness, don’t hesitate to get the SMR3. This seat won’t let you down in long races.


  • Dimensions – 285 mm (S), 7 x 9 rails
  • Sit bone distance – 9-11 cm (S), 11 – 13 cm (M), 13-15 cm (L),
  • Weight limit – 200 lbs (S), 230 (M), 235 (L)


  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable firmness
  • Sleek exterior
  • Durable construction


SDG Components Allure Ti-Alloy Saddle – Comfortable road bike saddle for women



This lightweight, versatile saddle was designed specifically for girls. The saddle with female geometry is suitable for a variety of disciplines from road to mountain biking. The special anatomical shape with a cutout in the middle reduces the pressure on soft tissues and provides additional comfort during long bike trips.

The slightly lowered and curved nose is trimmed with abrasion-resistant synthetic leather, which helps reduce stress when carrying the rider’s weight. Moreover, it also prevents snagging and provides comfortable hill climbing. The plush padding of lightweight polyurethane foam has an average thickness of comfort.

The saddle is based on a sturdy, shock-resistant nylon fiber platform. The width of this SDG model ensures the optimal contact area with the seat. You can count on comfort, support, and forgiveness when cycling on this amazing saddle.


  • Material – artificial leather, nylon
  • Dimensions – 265 mm (L) x 143 mm (W)
  • Weight – 260 g


  • Perfect geometry for women
  • Flat-forward platform
  • Down-curved nose
  • Plush lightweight PU foam
  • Titanium-alloy rails
  • 2PC seamless cover


Selle ITALIA Diva Gel Flow Women’s Bicycle Saddle – Best mountain bike saddle for women



After receiving new results of an anatomical study of saddles for women, Selle Italia produces a new stylish and light product. Thanks to the Diva, the saddle for women becomes more streamlined and shaped. Its design represents the determination of the most diligent female cyclists. Moderately soft and sit-bone comfortable, this saddle has a self-molding lining.

At first, it may seem that the Diva is not that robust, but there is no need to doubt its reliability. The shell is made of a 10% carbon composite with hollow and durable 7mm Vanox rails, and built-in elastomer suspension. Cycling on the Diva for a long time is a real pleasure due to strategically placed silicone gel inserts, shock/vibration resistance, and a breathable full-grain leather cover.

This narrow women’s saddle is versatile, which means it can fit both road and mountain bikes. With the Diva Gel Flow, you can be sure that regular long-distance bike trips will in no way affect neither the appearance of this high-quality saddle nor your comfort (the saddle performs great under pressure). The Burgundy and White color options are available.


  • Weight – 265 g
  • Dimensions – 152 mm (W) x 270 mm (L)
  • Use: road/offroad
  • Vanox tubes (7 mm)


  • Lightweight comfortable design
  • Shock and vibration absorption
  • 10% carbon composite shell with built-in elastomers
  • Breathable full-grain leather cover
  • Strategically placed silicone gel inserts of various thickness
  • Fits road bike and MTB


Bikeroo’s Most Comfortable Bike Saddle – Best road bike saddle for women



This thick-padded saddle is, without a doubt, one of the most comfortable on the list. A great investment that can make a difference! With this women’s saddle from Bikeroo, you can count on longer painless rides and ultimate comfort. Plus, the price is impressively low.
Yes, it’s may not be intended for prolonged intensive rides like other saddles on the list, but if you don’t plan to race/cycle for long distances, and comfort means a lot to you – this waterproof saddle is your best choice. We mean, come on! 9000 women, who tested this saddle, can’t be wrong! At least all of them. This saddle is a creation of a small family-owned business.

The manufacturer cares for the clients, so, in case something doesn’t feel right, you can surely count on their support. This saddle was designed with love. Dual-spring suspension and a deep central channel with a cutout will not leave you unsatisfied. The unit comes with everything you need for easy mounting, including a manual, saddle adapter, and tools.

Choose from 3 different color options (black, black/white, black/red). There’s also a memory foam type saddle available for purchase.


  • Dimensions – 2.76″ x 7.48″ x 10.24″
  • Material – soft & sturdy foam, high-quality faux leather
  • Use – MTB, road, cruiser, indoor bikes


  • High-quality materials
  • Deep central cutout
  • Dual-spring suspension
  • Waterproof cover
  • Smooth finish
  • Tools, adapter, and guidance included
  • Tested by over 9000 female cyclists
  • Nice price/quality ratio


Brooks Saddles B67 S Bicycle Saddle – Most comfortable bike saddle for women for long rides



When it comes to high quality and style, Brooks is simply unmatchable. The manufacturer uses 100-year old traditional techniques combined with new technologies and materials, resulting in perfect products. The B67S is a handmade piece of art straight from England which is produced by one of the oldest cycling companies of the Old World.

This classic saddle can guarantee unbeatable comfort for her. The B67 is one of the oldest seat models – it was first launched in 1896 and continues to be in production to this day.

The first Brooks bicycle saddle was patented in 1882. The oldest European brand has not reduced its quality for almost 140 years! During the first 120 miles, your buttocks and the saddle will learn to adapt to each other, but then your sit-upon will be grateful and proud to sit on the best bicycle saddle in the world! Brooks saddles are time-tested quality.

The B67S is a model of a saddle for cross-country and city bicycles, but it may also be mounted on an MTB. The saddle is made in the classic style with high-quality leather, rivets, and shock-absorbing coils. Slightly expanded and shortened, it provides more comfort during long journeys than other saddles. The B67S is currently one of the best selling saddles.

Its design ensures compatibility with almost any seat post. Special, softer coating with intertwined sides to maintain the shape. The latter is the same as the classic B66S, but with a single rail mounted to a modern micro adjuster seat post. Ideal for female cyclists with a vertical riding position.

The “S” version is slightly shorter than the standard B67 and is popular with ladies who prefer to ride in skirts. The saddle also comes with a back loop to attach the Brooks Challenge Tool Bag.

This classic Brooks model, equipped with black/chrome steel springs, is quite “friendly” at the very first acquaintance, but it may become your best friend after you break-in. The B67S seat eliminates the need to use the Seat Sandwich adapter, which is required when using Brooks B66 on modern seat pins.

This model will allow you to ride with flawless comfort and enjoy every second of your ride. You’ll forget that something can hurt after the ride. The B67S may look tough, but it’s not. The coils provide all the cushioning and absorb vibrations and prevent shock. If a regular bike saddle makes you feel uncomfortable on a bike, the B67S will fix everything in no time.

It’s extremely comfortable indeed. Choose your favorite model from various color and spring options (honey-chrome springs, antique brown-chrome springs, black-chrome springs, aged tan with black laces-chrome springs).


  • Dimensions – 235 mm x 210 mm x 73 mm
  • Materials – black steel, tubular steel, breathable leather
  • Weight – 850 g
  • Uses – urban


  • Single rail design
  • Micro-adjust seat pillars
  • High-quality time-tested product
  • Genuine leather cover
  • Ultimate comfort and durability
  • Reliable steel springs for perfect support


Planet Bike A.R.S. Standard Bike Seat – Hard bike saddle for women



Another comfortable option on the list is this bike saddle from Planet Bike. It features gel pads and foam padding to relieve stress from soft tissues, as well as a full-length center recess with a cutout for improved comfort. The cover of this seat is waterproof and the sides are made of abrasion-resistant material.

Not all manufacturers pay attention to the anatomical features of soft saddles, which is essential for maximum comfort. Planet Bike has taken care of this issue in its classic women’s saddles. The Anatomic Relief model has a full-length recess to protect the soft tissues, where maintaining normal blood circulation is essential.

What’s great about this saddle is that you don’t have to overpay for technology and comfort. The A.R.S. Classic has a pleasantly low price which is quite acceptable for any budget. This saddle will be suitable for most road bikes and cruisers.


  • Material – foam, gel pads, steel
  • Dimensions – 255 x 173 mm
  • Weight – 407 g


  • Water and abrasion resistance
  • Full-length center recess
  • Sit-bone gel pads
  • Foam padding
  • Steel rails


Serfas Dual Density Women’s Bicycle Saddle with Cutout – Best bike saddle for women with big bums


Like some other models on our list, the Serfas Dual Density has a full-length channel that effectively protects soft tissues from unwanted pressure. The double-density base is half foam and half gel. The balanced design ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable even after many hours on your bike. Like most comfortable seats, this model is designed to be mounted on upright bikes.

The Serfas Dual Density has a relatively low price compared to some models in our rating, but in general, all high-quality comfortable saddles are worth their money – you pay for a convenient ride on your cruiser or hybrid bike. This saddle was designed specifically for women.

Expect incredible tissue relief and amazing cruising from Serfas, the manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. They are always staying true to quality standards, client care, and performance, which is reflected in their products and loyal customers.


  • Weight – 565 g
  • Dimensions – 270 mm x 180 mm
  • Material – silk-tech lycra, steel


  • I.C.S. Infinite Comfort System
  • Dual Density Base system
  • Deep groove design
  • Gel top layer
  • Steel rails


Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle – Best bike saddle for beginner women



The Sunlite is another super comfortable saddle on our list. This amazing saddle from Cloud-9 guarantees no sit pains or numbness in your crotch area – this seat has all the chances to become your favorite one for many years. Especially when you know the price is super low (the lowest on the list). It features a couple of inches of dual-density gel padding, slight anatomic relief channel to avoid any pressure, and chrome coils for ultimate suspension and smooth cycling through bumps. This saddle fits most road bikes, cruisers, or any regular seat posts. It’s a bit heavy and can get a bit squeaky over time (not loud at all), but if you like comfort, you should give it a try. The price is just ridiculous to avoid this saddle! It’s wide enough, exceptionally durable, and does not burn out in the sun. We are sure you will appreciate the quality of the Sunlite just as over 7,000 users that left their positive ratings. If not, you can try their other bike seat models, e.g. Black Emerald.


  • Weight – 3.2 lbs
  • Dimensions – 286 (L) x 229 (W)
  • Use – cruisers


  • Improved comfort
  • Dual-layer gel foam padding
  • Chrome coil springs
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Best price/quality ratio


Diamondback Women’s Pillow Top Bicycle Saddle – Good bike saddle for plus size women



This soft cruiser saddle represents deep channel design, providing comfort and exceptional wideness for your buttocks. The specially-shaped channel goes through the whole saddle, providing great relief for pressure-sensitive areas. This saddle from Diamondback (USA) is also versatile – you can install it on any standard seat post. No more soreness at long distances – a lot of women find this saddle to be a perfect fit for their bikes. You have dual-zone relief and a double-density base with lightweight springs that provide exceptional support and guarantees a smooth ride.


  • Dimensions – 10” x 9” x 4”
  • Weight – 453 g
  • Material – synthetic leather, nylon, foam, steel
  • Made in the USA


  • Multiple memory foam layers
  • Special channel for increased relief
  • Double-density base
  • Lightweight elastomer springs
  • Designed especially for women
  • Great price/quality ratio


Bike Saddle Design Features

A normal bicycle saddle is extremely simple in design. The following elements are included.

  • A robust V-shaped frame which can be steel, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, molybdenum chrome, aluminum alloy, etc. The saddle frame is attached to the base at three points. Some frames are equipped with coils, which creates cushioning and rocking while riding.
  • A saddle base which is usually made of heavy-duty, state-of-the-art plastic, solid or with a gap in the middle (for increased comfort and air circulation).
  • Softening lining to reduce saddle hardness. It can be foam or gel. The latter guarantees maximum cyclist comfort even over the longest distances.
  • An external cover, which can be genuine leather, faux, synthetic materials, or carbon fiber. Naturally, the better the quality of the cover material, the longer the saddle will last while maintaining a presentable finish. One of the latest, high-quality and comfortable covers for cyclists is considered to be leather with Kevlar inserts.

If you are going to buy a new bike or just replace your old saddle, consider that it will take some time to break in and get used to the new detail under your buttocks.

The peculiarity of the female pelvis is that it is wider than the male pelvis, which implies the need for a wider saddle to ensure comfortable riding. Of course, a narrow pelvis is not uncommon among women, but even a narrow female pelvis has a special structure and bone arrangement, which requires a special saddle.

To determine the distance between the sciatic bones, experts recommend identifying your support points which are the initial data for saddle selection.

Another difference is a shorter saddle length compared to a men’s saddle. The shorter front of a bike saddle is considered to be comfortable for female cyclists because of the female anatomy. A larger channel/cutout in the middle of the product is another manufacturers’ attempt to soften the pressure on the soft tissues of the thighs.

Bike Saddle Adjustment

Buying a high-quality bike saddle that fits you perfectly is not enough because you still need to adjust it properly (angle, height, etc.). It is not difficult, follow the next simple steps.

  • The saddle itself is inserted into the seat post clamps (and the pin is inserted into the seat tube of the bicycle frame).
  • The height of the saddle is then adjusted (the cyclist has to sit comfortably in the saddle so that the extended feet do not reach the ground). The seat post has a mark on it that marks the lowest limit.
  • The seat post is clamped by the seat clamp. And you have to make sure that the front of the saddle is aligned with the frame tube.
  • A saddle position relative to the handlebars is then adjusted. It’s all about your comfort feelings here.
  • Now you have to adjust the angle of the saddle. The saddle should be parallel to the ground. If the front is too low, the cyclist will constantly slide, and if the saddle is too high, it will press the pelvis too hard.
  • Perfect Women’s Bike Saddle

Female cyclists (even the most emancipated ones) should choose “female” saddles for three good reasons: women’s health, anatomical correctness, comfort.
Representatives of the fair sex have a larger distance between the ischial tuberosity (sit bones) than men (132 mm vs. 90-100 mm), so riding a narrow male bike saddle may cause discomfort or even pain.

A woman’s bike saddle is shorter and wider than a man’s. But every female cyclist should choose her perfect saddle wisely to avoid pressure on the blood vessels in the crotch area and numbness during long rides.

Manufacturers of bike saddles produce entire lines of bike products for women. The main difference is in size and softness. But many firms also focus on a special “female” design.

Experts recommend paying maximum attention to the following details.

Hardness level. As with any other indicator, the hardness of a women’s bicycle saddle is chosen individually. Certainly, a beginner cyclist, especially a woman, will feel more comfortable on a soft saddle. But such a saddle is suitable only for short trips, because, while riding over long distances, the soft model causes abrasions, discomfort, and pain. A hard saddle will be convenient if the match is perfect.

For a quick change of saddle stiffness, special covers and pads are used, as well as rear shock absorbers to help soften the ride.

  • Shape. The classic shape for women is a wide rear seat with a short nose. It is this shape that is recognized as the most convenient for female cyclists.
  • Cover. The saddle can be either leather or plastic. If the first material has long been known for its capriciousness and the need for thorough care, the second one is much more practical and reliable. However, adaptability and elasticity are considered to be more important material characteristics when choosing a saddle for a woman. In this regard, you can often find convenient options among plastic models, because modern synthetics practically does not differ from natural and costly materials.
  • Padding. This element is one of the determining moments in the process of choosing a perfect model. The two most common types are foam and gel. They are often used together for women’s seats. Soft PU foam and gel inserts provide maximum ride comfort.
  • Adjustments. The height and angle of a bike saddle are equally important for a comfortable ride. Traditionally, a bike saddle is adjusted strictly horizontally, but most athletes are guided by their feelings while riding. Women often prefer to tilt the saddle a little forward to reduce stress and pressure on the soft tissues of the pelvis. Again, the saddle height should be adjusted individually so that the leg reaches the pedal in the lower position, but not the ground. Height adjustment is not a one-step procedure, but an experiment. Going through various saddle heights and testing each one can take more than half an hour. A proper saddle position will provide smooth breathing, keep your chest relaxed and make enjoy your ride as much as possible.

The very concept of a “female” saddle is perceived by many customers in two ways: on the one hand, they do not have any striking differences from the male models, and on the other, some of the models, offered by manufacturers, are quite convenient and comfortable for women.

In any case, whether to ride a special women’s saddle, unisex, or the one that is more suitable, but marked “male” – is up to the cyclist herself to decide.


Why do women’s bike seats have holes?

To allow for a proper pelvic position (rotated forward) without any excess pressure on soft tissues. However, due to less surface area, the pressure can also be increased.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s bike seats?

As we all know, men and women have some key physical differences, this relates to hips. Due to our reproductive roles, women’s sit bones are a bit wider, plus, their pelvic geometry is also different. Hence, women’s saddles are typically wider and shorter.

What bike seat is the most comfortable?

To start with, it’s not about comfort but insensibility. It’s a bike, after all, not a recliner. Preferences vary from person to person. Your riding style, height, body structure, riding position, saddle design, materials, and adjustments (width, angle, height) – all this has a lot to do with your comfort on a bike. There’s no single formula for finding a perfect saddle for everyone. You need to test a saddle that looks good to you. Not just press it with your thumbs but go for a few short rides.

Consider your priorities (how intensive your rides will be, how often you are going to cycle, distance, style, etc.). Your saddle has to be reliable, well-structured, durable, not too soft or hard. Your body will let you know whether your choice is wise or not. Remember that, typically, a new saddle doesn’t feel comfortable right away, so you may need some time to break in.

How should girls sit on bikes?

Just like guys do. With their buttocks on the saddle, feet on the pedals, holding handlebars with their hands.

Why do lady bikes have a different shape?

So that women could mount and dismount the bikes without lifting their legs too high. Back in the days, women all used to wear dresses. So, when getting on a bike with a horizontal crossbar frame could be pretty… scandalous. The tradition, somehow, continued to this day.

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