Road Bike Helmets: Choose Wisely!

Safety on the roadway is no laughing matter. Whether in a car or on a bike, there are numerous hazards in need of avoidance appearing every moment you spend on the move. But unlike in an airbag-equipped car, your street bike offers little protection in case of a crash. As such, you need the most tried-and-true form of bicycle safety: a road bike helmet.

List of Top 5 Road Bike Helmets:

Giro Isode Bike HelmetGiro Isode Bike Helmet221pMore Information
Giro Aspect Road Cycling HelmetGiro Aspect Road Cycling Helmet192.4pMore Information
Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle HelmetSchwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet20287gMore Information
Bell Stratus MIPS Road HelmetBell Stratus MIPS Road Helmet181.46pMore Information
Limar Ultralight Bike HelmetLimar Ultralight Bike Helmet24(M)175-(L)210gMore Information

Most children and adults today appreciate the added protection brought on by road bike helmets. While they can’t protect every inch of your body, they ensure that your most valuable bodily asset – your head – is protected from concussive impacts if you fall from your bike. Depending on the nature of your crash, a properly-fitting road bike helmet could be the difference between serious injury and a harmless encounter.

However, children and adults both recognize that road bike helmets have a tendency to be uncomfortable – especially when worn in the hot summer sun. While this has traditionally been the case, everyone will be pleased to know that modern road bike helmets maximize the wearer’s comfort while minimizing their risk of crash-related injury.

Review of the Best Road Bike Helmets:

Giro Isode Bike Helmet – Best Road Bike Helmet under $100


  • Shell Construction – Hard body plastic
  • Adjustable – Yes, 7cm adjustable range
  • Color Options – Yes (black, blue, white, titanium, and red)
  • Certification – MIPS and CPSC
  • Bonus Features – Ponytail compatible

While this may not be the first road bike helmet on everyone’s radar, the Giro Isode Bike Helmet is definitely an option that more folks should reach for. With a good degree of adjustability and protection, this model is really changing the game when it comes to providing widely-available road bike helmets at an affordable price.

Most noticeably, the Giro Isode’s adjustment system is one of its top assets. With up to 7cm of adjustment space, you can easily affix this helmet to your head without it hanging loosely or clamping down tightly. This universal fit sizing system really makes a difference for those with full-bodied hair, which can otherwise throw off how one’s road bike helmet fits.

Also, the Giro Isode comes with the best certification portfolio in the industry. While some helmet models settle for just one type of certification, this model goes the extra mile in proclaiming both its MIPS and CPSC certifications. The CPSC certification, in particular, represents a government-back assurance of quality.

Overall, the Giro Isode is a great road bike helmet that you should select if you are interested in an affordably-priced, comfortable, safety-backed ride each and every time you hit the road.


  • Average size adjustment range
  • Great certification portfolio
  • Comfortable, universal fit sizing


  • Outer shell is thinner than comparable models

Giro Aspect Road Cycling Helmet – Best Durable Road Bike Helmet


  • Shell Construction – Polycarbonate with aluminum side panels
  • Adjustable – Straps
  • Color Options – Yes (blue, red, black, grey, orange)
  • Certification – None Listed
  • Bonus Features – 19 air vent channels, internal roll cage webbing, ponytail compatible, suede chinstrap and brim

An improvement on Giro’s already great quality standard, the Giro Aspect Road Cycling Helmet takes what already worked in their mainline helmets and applies it to a model specifically designed for road bike usage. With this specialization comes an enhanced construction and improved airflow for a unique degree of comfort.

Durability is a big reason to select the Giro Aspect. While the polycarbonate shell provides an overall great first line of defense, the aluminum side panels really go the extra mile to protect your vulnerable cranium from harsh impacts. Together, these two components make an exceptionally durable road bike helmet that you can count on to remain durable through and through.

Enhanced protection often means reduced comfort, but that is not the case with the Giro Aspect. In fact, current owners of the Giro Aspect find it to be among the comfiest helmets they’ve ever worn. They’re quick to highlight how well the 19 air vents cool their head as they ride. Many are also pleased with the ultra-soft brim and chinstrap, both of which are infused with suede.

Taken together, these comfort and durability enhancements make the Giro Aspect a great road bike helmet choice for those who take to the roads often.


  • Durable polycarbonate and aluminum construction
  • 19 air vent channels for added air flow
  • Ultra-soft suede chinstrap and brim
  • Added protection from internal roll cage


  • Lacks listed safety certifications

Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet – Best Budget Road Bike Helmet


  • Shell Construction – Three-piece PVC micro shell
  • Adjustable – Dial-adjustment fit
  • Color Options – Yes (black, coral, pink, purple, teal, flame, blue, silver, green, red)
  • Certification – CPSC
  • Bonus Features – 20 air vents, snap-on visor, heat-sealed padding

Reliability can really take center stage when purchasing a helmet for yourself or your children. You want a road bike helmet that fits and performs as expected, which is why the Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet remains a great choice today. With a simplified adjustment system and some great safety features, this model is fully worth bestowing on a young person’s head.

Schwinn Thrasher’s construction plays an important role in its overall safety and comfort. The unique three-piece PVC micro-shell acts as the first line of defense, repelling vibrations caused by impacts. The internal heat-sealed padding then acts as a buffer, preventing excessing cranial movement.

While these pads are important to this model’s overall safety portfolio, they are also generally comfortable during regular use. They’re complemented in this regard by the 20 air vents which enhance airflow over and in through the helmet.

Together, these safety and comfort features have earned the coveted CPSC certification. With that degree of assurance backing you up, you can surely feel safe in providing this road bike helmet to your child.


  • Available in a variety of colors
  • CPSC certified
  • Unique three-piece shell
  • Ideal for young people and children


  • Straps are prone to fraying

Bell Stratus MIPS Road Helmet – Best Low-Profile Road Bike Helmet


  • Shell Construction – Polycarbonate
  • Adjustable – “No-Twist Tri-Glide” float fit
  • Color Options – Yes (black, silver, yellow, white, cobalt, pearl, red, teal, pink, purple, light blue, light green)
  • Certification – MIPS
  • Bonus Features – Overbrow ventilation, 18 air vents

Road bike helmets have a history of being overbearing, which can dissuade some from wearing them during the hot, sunny summer season. This solution is simply unsustainable, as a road biking accident could strike at any time. As such, the Bell Stratus MIPS Road Helmet attempts to remove some of this discomfort while preserving key safety features.

The Bell Stratus first steps back its discomfort rating by adding ventilation to a critical cranial location. The majority of your sweat with line up on your brow, where this model includes specialized ventilation to wick its way. This comes in addition to the 18 air vents arranged across the crest for improved airflow.

Adjusting this helmet isn’t a chore either, thanks to its patented No-Twist Tri-Glide system. This fitting system encircles your chin region for added stability while not digging into your skin during long road bike rides. This model also includes a polycarbonate shell, which is known for its powerful durability.

While this model can run on the pricier side, your investment in the Bell Stratus is well rewarded with a truly unique combination of comfort and safety that is not unilaterally overbearing.


  • Largest selection of color options
  • Enhanced comfort with overbrow ventilation
  • Easy adjustment with No-Twist Tri-Glide system
  • Durable polycarbonate shell


  • Does not include a visor

5. Limar Ultralight Bike Helmet – Best Lightweight Road Bike Helmet


  • Shell Construction – Ultra-lightweight double shell
  • Adjustable – Micrometric sizing system with height adjustment
  • Color Options – Yes (white, green, light blue, black, red, grey)
  • Certification – None Listed
  • Bonus Features – 22 air vents, washable padding

Finally, the Limar Ultralight Bike Helmet brings a truly revolutionary degree of comfort to the scene thanks to its minimization of one key factor: weight. While most road bike helmets can be described as “lightweight,” only the Limar Ultralight can claim to be the lightest in the world at 8 ounces. That minimized weight makes a big difference in comfort over the course of long bike rides.

The Limar Ultralight is also notably easy to maintain. Bike helmets have a tendency to take on sweat over time, making them smelly and unsanitary. This model curtails both problems by making its internal padding machine washable.

Perhaps this model’s only major drawback is its lack of listed safety certifications. While some certifications likely exist for this model, it is disappointing to not see them clearly documented for consumers.


  • The lightest helmet available at 8 ounces
  • Improved comfort with 22 air vents
  • Washable antibacterial padding
  • Unique double shell design


  • Lacks safety certifications


With the utmost importance of a quality road bike helmet apparent, the question remains: “Which road bike helmet is the best?” While the “best” model can be qualified in several manners, I have endeavored to examine many of today’s leading models in order to create this analysis of the top 5 best road bike helmets available today.

These reviews have been meticulously researched and highlight many of the most important categories you should consider before buying a road bike helmet, such as sizing, weight, color options, and professional certifications. I’ve even highlighted some standout features on each model in order to show how each model shines on its own.

Even though there’s simply no way to put a price on exceptional safety, you may be shopping for a road bike helmet on a budget. If so, there is certainly an option on this list that will fit your budget. After reading this article, you’ll have all of the information you need to select one of these top 5 road bike helmets as your next layer of defense against unexpected biking accidents.

Finding the best road bike helmet can be a challenge, especially when you break your research down further into categories like women’s road bike helmets and men’s road bike helmets. As it turns out, many road bike helmets feature unisex construction that can keep any bike rider safe. Each of the following top 5 road bike helmets features that kind of construction, in addition to a bevy of other safety and comfort features.

To kick off your research into your next road bike helmet, carefully read the following chart to get a quick idea of what makes each of these high-performing models shine. Don’t forget to continue on and read each detailed review below, each of which contains vital information regarding each model’s unique protection capabilities.

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